Get a Life!

Facebook can ruin your life.” What strong words about everyone’s beloved social networking website.  This online article which I had to read for this blog assignment addresses the issue of posting personal information on Facebook which you would not like a “creeper” to see. These creepers can be anyone from an employer to a sexual predator, but they all try to pry into people’s personal lives in order to discover something specific about that person. Many employers and lawyers today are using information published on social networking sights like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook to decide whether to hire someone or to fight someone in a lawsuit. Therefore, the point of the article is that you should be extremely careful about what gets posted on the Internet because it reaches more people than just your friends.

This article did not surprise me because many people today spend way too much time on Facebook. For example, I have seen news stories about colleges that make their students go for a week without Facebook. Some students nearly go crazy! How ridiculous! Get a life! I sometimes stay off Facebook for over a week simply because I do not have time to waste on this unnecessary site. I am not saying that everyone who goes on Facebook needs to get a life, but people should put some effort into analyzing how much of the time that they spend on Facebook is really worthwile.

The point of the article that I read was to tell people that their posts can truly come back to haunt them. You might say that this is so hard because so many things can be used against you. There is a very simple solution to this problem. Do not spend so much time on Facebook or any other social networking website. Facebook and Twitter do not have to be hourly updates on your fascinating life. Does everyone else find your life as fascinating as you do? Posts or tweets are fine, but if you only post one every day, then you can summarize your day.  People would much rather read one interesting post about your day instead of multiple pointless posts.

If you are worried about your employer reading your wall on Facebook and firing you for it, there is one simple solution. Do not post so many things on Facebook! If your employer secretly views your Facebook wall, maybe he simply is going to check how much time you spend on Facebook. If you spend too much time on Facebook, the employer might feel that you will waste too much time while you are working.  Although some people are extremely different on Facebook and in public,Facebook can reveal many things about a person. Let people see the positive side of you through Facebook.

My advice to people who are worried about “creepers” on Facebook: write carefully and write less often. Facebook can be fun, but it is not life. Get a life – go out interact with real people face to face. It might be more enjoyable than you think.

4 thoughts on “Get a Life!

  1. Derek I couldn’t agree more with what you said. You said it very well! Talking with people face to face is a lot better than on some ranodm social network site!

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  3. I just wanted to know what posts you did for the student blogging contest. if you aren’t doing any for it then thats ok, but if you are i was going to nominate you because you always write some really good stuff.

    if you did comment on my blog and tell me at:


  4. Thanks, but we have been writing lots of papers during our English class, so we haven’t been doing much with blogs lately. Hope its going well!

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