Ailurophile or Cynophile

This is a very, very strange title to a high school blog post, but as the assignment for the blogging challenge, my teacher said to write about a topic of my choice. So, for anyone who is wondering, this title simply asks if you like cats or dogs. Personally, I am a cat-lover, but I have heard many complaints about cats in my senior class at school. Everybody always talks about how dogs are loyal companions and how cats are snobby and stuck-up. This kind of trash talk really gets on my nerves because cats are fabulous animals, even better than dogs.

First of all, cats are clean. Yes, they do shed, but at least they clean themselves regularly. They can even be trained to use litter boxes. How many dogs have you seen use a litter box? Not too many. This proves that cats are smart and sophisticated.

Second, cats are great hunters. Dogs can go outside and chase a raccoon around or maybe catch a rabbit, but a cat can snag some really pesky pests like rats and mice. Cats can hunt outside, or they can help someone who is having mouse problems in his house. How convenient is that? Are dogs that helpful?

Third, cats eat less than dogs. Would you rather feed a cat for a year or a dog? Even if cats are slightly picky about their food, they do eat less.

So these points establish that cats are more economical than dogs. Less food, fewer pests, and less cleaning up are all great reasons to get a cat. But many people say that a dog is man’s best friend. Dogs are friendly, but cats can be just as friendly, if not more.  Have you ever seen a playful kitten? They are absolutely adorable. Even grown cats keep some of their playfulness, and what they lose in playfulness, they gain in friendliness. I love it when cats purr. Nothing is more friendly than a snuggled up cat purring in your lap.

It should now be clearly evident that cats are better than dogs, but please let me know if you agree or disagree. I would love to know why.


7 thoughts on “Ailurophile or Cynophile

  1. Derek you totally just proved it. I really have tried to explain this to dog lovers but they are to igonorant to listen. Just shows ya whos smarter too. Go cats and cat owners.

  2. I agree, but i also disagree. Cats – epecially kittens – are awesome! But i dont think anything would beat a house dog! That would be the best although house cats are fun too:)

  3. Oh my Derek you would have to give it that funky name 😛 but I will have to agree with you on everything! Except for the fact that cats are sometimes stupid when they sit in front of my car and NEVER move!! ughh otherwise they are so cute and cuddly! I would have to say I really beagles though. Nice work on your blog post, I really liked it!

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  5. Hi Derek. I prefer Dogs. I saw a show last night where a dog went to search for help when his master got hurt and he ended up saving the girls life. I wanna see a cat do that. So what else can you say to make me more like cats?

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